How do I create questions?

1. Go to Products & Forms.

2. Click on the Questions tab, and click Create New Question.

3. Input the Question Name - this will be the internal name of the question and will only been seen within the question listing and question listing within the form. This can be the same as the question name that will be on the form.

4. Input the Question Text- this is the external name of the question in which users will see when registering. Make sure this is worded so members understand what you are asking from them when they go to answer.

NOTE: the question name and question text can be the exactly the same wording or different wording. We recommend having the same wording so admins are not confused about the which question they need to add to the form.

5. Select the Question Type - this is what kind of question it will be (e.g text, number, picklist etc).

NOTE: Picklist and Multi-picklist (Multiple Choice) questions need answers to be entered. Click here to find out more on how to add answers to these types of questions.

6. Fill in all other relevant details depending what is required for the question.

7. Click save.