How do I view managed events and event details via the GameDay app?

Once you have downloaded and logged into the GameDay app, admins are able to view all their current and upcoming managed events and the event details within the app, to do this, please see below:

1. Log into the GameDay app with your admin access. Click SKIP if you see a teams set up.

2. Click on the EVENTS tab at the bottom of the screen.

3. Click on the MANAGED EVENTS tab, you will see the following:

CURRENT/ACTIVE EVENTS- these are the events that are currently being run by your organisation.

UPCOMING EVENTS - these are the events that are upcoming for your organisation but have not yet started.

To see PAST EVENTS, click the drop down arrow against the upcoming events drop down list and change this to view past events.

NOTE: you may also notice a MY EVENTS tab, this tab is an entrant tab where entrants can view the events they have registered to. Admins will only see events listed here if they have registered themselves to an event with their current account.

4. Click into the relevant event you wish to see event details for.

5. The PARTICIPANTS tab will be blank however this will show entrants when you scan entrants into the event using their QR codes.

6. Under the EVENT INFO tab, this will display information for the event.