How do I create member types?

1. Click on the arrow against My Organisation, click on Settings.

2. Click on the Member Types tab and click Create Member Type.

2. Fill in all the relevant fields and click save.

  • The assign system member type relates to the type of member this member type is. So if you were to create an Umpire member type, the system member type would be Game Official.

Other examples of creating member types:

If you want to create a player member type you would assign this one to have a participant system member type, whereas if you wanted to have a member type not linked to a specific role, like a fan, parent, life member, social member etc, you can assign them to have an miscellaneous member type.

NOTE: if you are not able to see the member types tab, this means member types are locked off at a NATIONAL level, so you will need to speak to your national body regarding this.