Dashboard Reports | Overview

What is a Dashboard Report?

GameDay's Dashboard Reports provide administrators with a quick and easy way to find summarised data and insights about members, events, and finances.

As a visual, interactive one-page reporting approach, Dashboard Reports are useful for understanding the high-level data within any given GameDay database.

GameDay's current Dashboard Report offerings include:

  • Organisation Dashboard = A one-stop-shop dashboard report that includes various insights on membership, events and financial information
  • Events Dashboard = An event-based dashboard that includes insights on event participants and their characteristics
  • Financial Transactions Dashboard = A dashboard report that includes information relating to orders and products purchased by members
  • Settlement Summary Dashboard = A dashboard report that includes settlement data such as the total settled amount, processing fees, and tax incurred
  • Question Data Dashboard = A dashboard report that breaks down the questions that have been answered by registrants across the membership and event registration features
  • Membership Dashboard = A dashboard report which breaks down members by their characteristics, and provides order summary data

Filtering Dashboard Reports

Administrators can interact with Dashboard Reports by clicking on any of the visual graph elements displayed on screen. Filters can then be removed by clicking the same element again.

Filtering an element dynamically updates all other metrics on the dashboard, as shown below: