Organisation Dashboard | Overview

The first page you will see once you are logged into your organisation is an Organisation Dashboard that shows various visual data insights related to your active members, including:

  • Total Number of Products Sold by Month & Type
  • Total Order Value by Month & Type

  • Active Members by Member Type
  • Active Members by Gender
  • Active Members by Age Group

If your organisation also has the events module enabled, this will also display three categories for event data; 

  • Events by Category 
  • Event Participants by Assigned Gender
  • Event Participant by Age Group

Visual insight reports can also be filtered by clicking on any element of the Dashboard:

The Organisation Dashboard also shows summary data including:

  • Current Year Products Sold: The total number of your organisation's (or hierarchy's) Products that have been purchased in the current year.
  • Current Year Paid Orders: The total number of Orders that have been processed in your organisation or hierarchy in the current year.
  • Current Year Transaction Amount: The total value of paid transactions that has been processed to your organisation or hierarchy in the current year.
  • Total Active Members: The total number of members with active registrations in your organisation or hierarchy.
  • Total Event Participants: The total number of registered event participants in your organisation.

Note: All values are calculated based on your organisation's Financial Year Start setting. This can be found in My Organisation > Organisation Details > Financial Year Start.

E.g. If your Financial Year Start is set to August, Organisation Dashboard values will include data from 1 August to 31 July of the following year.

You can also toggle between a full screen view of the dashboard using the icon in the top-right corner: