How do I set up a conditional product?

Admins are able to set products to be conditional products. This means that they will require another existing product to be selected or paid for before this product will show on a registration form.

NOTE: the main product must already be created.

NOTE: the system only allows products to be set as conditional. Our team is working on allowing questions to be added as conditional as well.

1. Set the conditional product option to be Yes.

2. To add the product that this new product will be dependent on, click Add Conditional Product.

3. Click on the box under the Conditiaonal Product 1 heading.

4. Search for the relevant product, once found click select.

5. The Must be paid first before showing box will be left unticked, this will mean that this conditional product must be ticked within the registration form first but not paid for, before this new product will show. 

If this conditional product must be paid for before this new product is shown on the form, then tick the Must be paid first before showing checkbox.

6. Once the conditional product has been added, click continue to finish the set up of the product.