How do I enable a memberID rule to be used as the event participant ID?

Admins can enable event participant IDs to be used to allow entrants to be recognised when registering to an event (e.g if they require bib numbers). Event participant IDs are configured within an event entry product rather than an event entry event itself as not all events may want to use participant IDs.

Event IDs for participants can be used two ways:

  • Via an ID rule set up for events. More information related to event participant ID rules can be found here.
  • Via an existing member ID rule used generically for members (if memberID management is enabled).

NOTE: event participant IDs can only be used in EVENT ENTRY events as it it suited to these types of events. They cannot be used just for sub events, they can only be used for entry events as a whole.

If you are wanting to use a member ID, make sure this is created beforehand. Below is how you can enable this rule to be used for your event. How to enable an event participant ID rule instead for an event can be found here (insert link).



The product set up wizard will appear for you to create a product for this event where participant IDs can be used.

3. For product type select the EVENT option.

4. Select the EVENT ENTRY option as the product sub type.

5. Input a name for the product.

6. Leave NO selected for sub event product only.

7. Input a description (optional).

8. Select YES against the ''do you want to assign event participant ID?''.

9. Select YES to if you want to use memberIDs for your event participant IDs.

You don't need to select a rule here as it will use the current active memberID rule you have set for your organisation.

10. Continue through set up wizard.

11. Add this product to the event.