Promotions | FAQs


How do I tell if a product has had a discount applied to it?

You can tell if a product has had a discount applied to it from the red SALE icon listed next to it in your product list, or when editing a product.

Can a discount be applied to an already discounted product?

No, discounts can only be applied to the original price of a product.

If I have multiple discounts applied to the same product, can I choose which discount is applied?

No, if you have multiple discounts applying to the same product, the highest discount amount will apply.

Can discounts be applied to event products?

Yes, discounts can be applied to all product types.

Can I edit a discount after it is saved?

Yes, if you want to change any information on an existing discount, you can do so through the Promotions option in the left-hand menu by clicking Edit next to the discount you created.

Can processing fees be included in discounts?

No, processing fees set by your organisation are excluded from discounts and will still apply to the price of the order.

Promo Codes

What’s the difference between Generic Promo Codes and Unique Promo Codes?

Generic Promo Codes refer to a single code that can be used multiple times by different users, whilst Unique Promo Codes are a series of auto-generated codes that are sent and assigned to individual members from your GameDay database to be redeemed by that member only.

Can I create a dedicated Promo Code for one individual?

Whilst Unique Promo Codes are attached to individual members for the purposes of communication, unique codes can technically be used by any member, however, they do expire after a single use.

Can a member use multiple Promo Codes in one registration?

A single member can only redeem one Promo Code as part of their registration. Promo Code discounts are applied to the overall total of the order, so when registering multiple members, the applied Promo Code will be split across the products purchased per member and reflected as a discounted value of the total price of the order.

Can I see a log of how many times a Promo Code has been used?

For Generic Promo Codes, you can see a usage overview which lists the members and orders that have used that Promo Code upon registration. This can be found through the steps below:

Click Promotions in the left-hand menu > Edit a Generic Promo Code > Usage Overview

For Unique Promo Codes, you can see a list of members to whom a code has been assigned and whether or not they have redeemed their code. This can be found through the steps below:

Click Promotions in the left-hand menu > Edit a Unique Promo Code > Assignment

Can I check if a specific member has used a Promo Code?

If a member has redeemed a Promo Code as part of their registration, it will appear in their Order details in GameDay. You can find out whether a Promo Code was used on an order by following the steps below:

Click Finances > Finances in the left-hand menu > Search for the member or Order ID on the Orders List > Click View on the right-hand side of the order > Expand the Order Item Number > Any Promo Codes used will appear in the Promotions section.