ECAL | Activating your integration

The ECAL and GameDay Events integration allows an organisation to create their own ECAL calendar widgets, select which Events they wish to publish on the Calendar, display the ECAL calendar on their website providing members or participants the ability to view and sync events from an organisations ECAL calendar. This integration also supports different types of ECAL widgets displays which can be used in different areas of an organisations website.

Before any of this can be done, your organisation needs to sync your GameDay Events database with ECAL via GameDay Marketplace. You can do this via the following steps:

1. Log into your organisation.

2. On the right hand side of the portal, click on the GameDay Marketplace icon.

3. Scroll down to PRODUCT INTEGRATIONS and click on GET STARTED within the ECAL option.

4. Read information related to what ECAL will be going and read through the T&C's if needed. Tick the I AGREE checkbox and click ACTIVATE.

5. This will now have made this ECAL integration ACTIVE. This active status will now have activated the ability to set up events to display on the calendars as well as the widget tabs so you can access this calendar on your websites.

If you click MANAGE, this will link you to the support centre where there is more information about ECAL and any FAQ's related to the link between your events and ECAL.

STEP 2: selecting which events are linked to this calendar.