Advanced Clearance Report - Transferred Out Report

The Advanced Clearance Report - Transferred Out provides a listing of all members that have been transferred from your database through a Clearance. This report will show you:

  • Member ID (if applicable)
  • Member Name
  • Created Date (the date that they were first cleared into your organisation)
  • Email Address
  • The Leaving Org and Receiving Org
  • A Description of the clearance (if added)
  • The Clearance Status

To run an Advanced Clearance Report - Transferred Out:

1. On the left-hand menu, click REPORTS

2. Click the TABULAR REPORTS tab

3. Find the Advanced Clearance Report - Transferred Out, and click VIEW REPORT

4. The report will then display as below:

You can use the filters to adjust the report to get the specific information that you need.

  • Leaving Org: This is the list of organisations that members have been transferred from.
  • Receiving Org: This is the organisation that the members have been transferred into. If you are at a higher level of hierarchy, you may be able to see different organisations in your listing.
  • Creation Date: This is the date that the clearances were created.