Where to view the information entrants answered within event form?

Viewing the information entrants answered within the event form is similar to that of how you would normally view this for normal registrations with a slight difference.

Once you have found the entrants who have registered to the event please follow the below on how to find information answered within the event form:

1. Click VIEW against the relevant entrant.

2. Click the drop down arrow against the organisation in which the event was created in.

E.g if the event was created at State A level, then there should be a State A level organisation sitting against this entrant.

3. Scroll down the page to find the EVENT REGISTRATIONS heading.

4. Under the MEMBER ACTIVITY heading click on OTHER DETAILS.

This will open up the list of questions answered within the event form. To change an answer click on EDIT ANSWER against the question.

Alternatively you can run a event question data report to get this information.