How do I add or remove an existing product to a registration form?


1. Click edit next to the registration form name.

2. On the Products tab, click Add Existing Product to Form.

3. A list of existing products will display. Select the checkbox next to the product you want to add. Products that have already been added to the form will show as a greyed out tick. Once all products have been added, click add.

NOTE: If you can't find a product you are looking for, use the search bar on the top.

NOTE: only those products created at your level can be added via the form. If you need a higher level product added to your form, please speak to your higher level body as you will require a shared form to be able to do this.


1. To remove a product from the form, click the drop down arrow next to the product and click Remove from From From.

1a. This product will then highlight red, click SAVE.