ECAL | Locating embed codes for your event calendar

Event Calendar Display

After you have created an event and have set each of your events to be linked to an ECAL calendar, you can display these events on an external website using different widgets.

More information on these displays can be found on the ECAL event website.

There are three different types of widgets that you can insert into your website:

  • Page View: Provides a detailed, interactive, and attractive display of your events, perfect for your ‘What’s On?’ or ‘Events Calendar’ page. To view a live version of this type of view, click here.
  • Carousel View: Provides a high impact, high attention display of your events, perfect for your homepage, beneath your site masthead. To view a live version of this type of view, click here.
  • Column View: Provides a neat, highly flexible display of your events in a vertical column, perfect for a side margin across the inside pages of your website. To view a live version of this type of view, click here.

Inserting a Widget into your Website

The below outlines the process for viewing and copying the code needed to insert event calendar widgets into your website.

There are two sets of code needed for widgets to display correctly.

1. In GameDay, using the left-hand menu, click Events > MANAGE EVENTS.

2. Click the ECAL WIDGETS tab.

3. Displayed here are the three available calendar views. Click VIEW for the widget you wish to use.

4. On the Website tab, you can copy the codes to insert into your website. Click the COPY button to copy each set of code to your clipboard.

5. You can view how this will display on your website via clicking into the PREVIEW EXAMPLE tab.

6. Paste the code into your website.

  • If your website is not a GameDay-hosted website and you are unsure how to add this to your website, please speak to your IT representative
  • If your website is a GameDay-hosted website, please click here to see what information you need from these widgets to integrate them into your website