How do I edit an admin's contact details?

As a GameDay administrator, you can edit the contact details stored on file for any of your existing Admins or Contacts.

To update an Admin or Contact's details:

1. In the left-hand menu, click My Organisation > ADMINS & CONTACTS

2. Click EDIT next to the relevant record

3. Make the relevant changes and click SAVE

Note: Granting the Treasurer role to an admin allows them to add Bank Accounts to the database - admins without this role assigned to them will not be able to add Bank Accounts

Note: If an admin needs to change their email address, you won't be able to change this on the existing admin record, as it is required as a username for that administrator to login to GameDay. To update the email address/username for an existing admin, you will need to disable access to the existing record, then add a new admin record using their new email address.