Member List Overview

This article explores the differences between each of the tabs within the member list section.

NOTE: if at any point you want to change what fields appear in these lists, click the settings cog on each of the lists to add/remove fields. These fields are hardcoded and if you would like to add additional fields to these lists please contact your national body who can contact us about possibly enabling extra fields for your sport.


The member list is self explanatory, where it lists all members in alphabetical order (by first name by default) and lists the generic information like email, phone number address and date of birth.

Use the search bar to search for particular members.


This displays the members based on the products that they have purchased. You have the ability to filter to a specific organisation's products (if you are a higher organisation), the status of members and by a particular product. 

  • If you are at a national, state or league/association level you have the ability to filter member products by a specific organisation, so if the national wants to look at all the state products members have purchased they can filter the select organisation filter to a specific state- you can only filter one organisation at a time.
  • You can filter the status of member; active, pending active, inactive, cancelled.
  • You can also filter by a specific product from an organisation- you can only filter one product at a time.


This list displays members based on their member status' and member types as well as specific organsiation (if you are a higher organisation).

  • If you are a national, state or league/association you can use the organisation fitler to display the list of member types members have within that particular organisation.
  • You can also filter based on a specific member type - select the relevant member type from the dropdown.
  • You can filter based on the status of a member - select the option from the status dropdown.


This lists members based on your specific organisation. This list will default to all the members in your organisation and list the generic information for members within that organisation like date of birth, email and phone.

  • If you are a national, state or league/association, you can use the organisation filter to select a specific organisation to list members.

PENDING (only visible when pending registrations module is enabled)

This list is not widely used as is only really used to search for those members who have pending registrations. Members will only be listed here if your sport requires clubs and leagues to approve members before they can become registered. 


This list is the one that is widely used by organisations, it allows admins to view what members are active, inactive, pending active or transferred out as well as what levels of the heirarchy they may be active/inactive. This list defaults to everyone both active and inactive at all levels.

This list is based on what level products a member has purchased. For example, if only the national and club have products that members need to purchase, the only the national and club levels will a person show with a green financial status traffic light and be active.

  • The red and green ticks are referred to financial status traffic lights.
  • You can filter members based on what level they are active or inactive - use the national, state, association and club filters accordingly.
  • Transferred out refers to a member who was transferred out of the organisation so they will always be inactive and have red financial status traffic lights.