Member Profile Information

Within a member profile, admins will notice a few different tabs which provide information related to different aspects of the member. Below these tabs are explained in more detail.


The member details tab is where the basic information related to the member is stored, like contact details.

This tab also displays the current status information, like member types, status and memberIDs related to the organisation this member is registered to. It also shows previous organisation history. 


This tab displays the information related to the different forms, both membership and events, that this member had filled out. This also allows you to view the answers to the questions the member filled in within these forms.

You can also view any previous email communications sent out to the member and clearance information related to the member.


This is where you can view the order/transaction related information for this member. Both previous and current. It displays information related to the order and items within each order.

Here you can also view the payment to see more information related to each order, by clicking on VIEW PAYMENT.


This tab displays the current and previous member history of the member. It displays information related to the member types selected based on their order and where you can manually add a registration for a member.

EVENTS (if enabled for org)

If the events module is enabled for your sport/organisation this tab will display the order and event information related to each of the events this member is registered to both current and previous.


This tab is where an admin can upload or view any documentation related to the member.