Process for Going Live with your Website

Once you have finished loading in all your content into your website and want to "Go Live" with your website, the following must occur in sequential order.

1. You will need to contact our Customer Success Team to communicate that you are ready to Go Live. 

  • Email:
  • You will need to provide the following information:
    • Your current staging URL
    • The domain name you want this website to have.
    • Your Go Live preferred date - we need at least 2 business days notice of the day you want to go live and we don't schedule any Go Live dates on Fridays due to its proximity to the weekend.

2. We then begin the process of migrating your staging site content database into this new server environment and we will let our team know. We will provide you with the IP address of the new server.

IMPORTANT: Once we start this process, you can't make any content changes to the staging site until the website has Go Live process is entirely complete. Any content that you add into the staging site once this process has begun will not get copied across.

3. Your IT team or domain support team will need to change the Domain Name Settings (DNS) to have the A record point to the new server IP (provided at step 2).

NOTE: The domain name settings usually involves just pointing the A record to our server's IP address, but each domain name can have its own complexities such as not having the NameServers hosted with the domain. We urge our clients to contact their IT support to make the changes.

Where you registered your domain name is where your DNS settings are administered. An A record is a type of DNS setting.

4. Once done, send an email back on the email chain you have with our support team member and they will let our team know to complete the rest of the Go Live process on our side.

5. We will then inform you when this has been completed and your website is live!

The DNS change will experience propagation and the new website can take any where from 2 to 24 hours to take effect.


Once your website is live, you will no longer add content into your staging site URL. Instead you will need to log into your live website's back end and make content changes there. 

You will use the same USERNAME and PASSWORD that you used for the staging site, but will need to go to your live website's URL. Eg. below