Help widget

Once a user has logged into their profile (from any level) they will be able to see a question mark icon, in the top right hand corner of the page; this is our Help Widget.

This help widget is linked to our online help centre that allows administrators to search for articles on how to perform functions within the platform. This can vary from articles about financial settings, adding a member, to viewing reports etc. 

By clicking on this widget, it will open a right hand pop up screen where popular articles are listed and administrators can search for articles related to processes within the platform. If an administrator types in a certain word, e.g member, this will bring up all the articles relevent to ''member'' processes within the platform.

By clicking on the title of one of these articles, it will open up this article and list the steps and information within it, in which administrators can follow.

If an admin wishes to view this in a full page (rather than a widget) they can click ''open in full site'', in which the browser will open up a new tab with the article in a full page.

If information on a process cannot be found within the help centre or you have further questions related to the article/processes, admins are able to submit a request to our support centre, in which our team members can assist. This button is located at the bottom of the help widget- just follow the prompts.

To close the help widget, just click on the ''X'' button at the top of the box.