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Organisation Details

Can I display social media links as part of my registration forms?

Yes! By adding specific details to your Organisation Details section, you can automatically feed that information into the footer of any Membership or Event Forms you create through GameDay. 

Contact details that automatically appear on your form can be found in your database by navigating to MY ORGANISATIONS > ORGANISATION DETAILS. Any information under the CONTACT DETAILS & SOCIAL MEDIA section will automatically appear in the footer of your organisation's Membership and Event Forms.

What does the Document Management functionality cover?

The Document Management functionality covers the below:

  • The ability to add Document Upload questions to registration forms
  • The ability to upload profile picture via registration form
  • The ability to upload documents via registration form
  • The ability to upload documents to member records 
  • The ability to upload documents to organisations
  • The ability to manage uploaded documents

Which document formats are accepted?

GameDay's document upload options allow you to upload a file in PDF, JPG or PNG formats only.

What is the maximum size a document can be?

The maximum file is no more than 5MB.

What type of documents can be uploaded for an Organisation?

The type of documents that organisations can upload are:

  • Bank Account
  • Insurance
  • Certification
  • Application
  • Other

What does editable/viewable by 'Only this Organisation' mean?

When uploading a document to a member record or editing a document that was uploaded by a member through a registration form, you can set the document to be editable or viewable by Only This Organisation. This means that only the organisation that included these document upload fields on the form can view, edit or delete the document that was uploaded.

What does editable/viewable by 'Any Organisation in the Hierarchy' mean?

When uploading a document to a members profile or editing a document that was uploaded by a member through a registration form, you can set the document to be editable or viewable by Any organisation within the hierarchy. This means that any organisation below you in the hierarchy can view, edit or delete the document that was uploaded.

Note: this option is selected by default when a document is uploaded via the registration form.

Is there a limit on how many documents can be uploaded for organisations?

There is no limit to how many documents you can upload, however, we recommend only uploading the necessary documents and deleting old documents that are no longer needed to ensure the most recent documents are stored.

Admins & Contacts

I have admin access to my organisation in GameDay, what is the link to be able to log into my portal?

You can access your organisation in GameDay using the link here.

I have forgotten my password for my admin access, how do I reset it?

1. Go to the GameDay Login page.

2. Next to the password field, click Forgot?

3. Enter the email address linked to your account and click Send Reset Link.

4. Check your email account for a password reset email. 

Note: Please check in your spam/junk folder as automated emails can occasionally go there.

5. Follow the prompts in the email to reset your password.

If I have admin access and registration form access with the same email address and password, do I need to use an incognito window to view the form?

No. If you have admin access and created a user account to access the registration form with the same login details, you can have the registration form open at the same time as you have your admin access open.

Am I restricted to use a certain web browser when accessing GameDay?

No. You can use any web browser when accessing GameDay, including Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Microsoft Edge. We do, however, recommend using Google Chrome as it is the most commonly used web browser. Please also ensure that your browser is up to date and you are using the latest version of that browser.

As an admin, can I access GameDay on my tablet or phone?

You can, however GameDay for admin users may not function as well as it does via a computer or laptop. GameDay for admin users is designed to be accessed on a laptop or desktop computer. Certain features in GameDay for admin users will become mobile-friendly in future.

I no longer have access to the email address I created my administrator account with, how do I change this?

If you have admin access to a GameDay database, you will need to contact someone at your organisation that also has access to the same database, as they will need to disable the admin account linked to your previous email address and create a new admin account with your new email address.

If you use this email to access a registration form, you will need to contact your organisation directly and ask them to update the email address on your member profile as well as on the profile of any other members linked to your account.

My Hierarchy

Can I update the names of Organisation Types in my database?

No. Organisation Types are pre-configured either by GameDay or by your sport's governing body. If you are affiliated with a governing body, please contact them directly if you believe the available Organisation Types should be updated.

How do I close off registrations for an organisation below me in the hierarchy?

To close off a registration form in another organisation's database - such as a club or centre below you in the hierarchy - you will need to login to their database and deactivate the relevant form. This can be done following the steps below:

In your GameDay database, click the account menu in the top-right corner > click Login To > find the organisation, then click Login > go to Membership Forms > Edit the relevant form > go to the Test & Publish tab > set the Status to Inactive > click Save

I accidentally applied the incorrect Parent Organisation when creating a new organisation. Can I change this?

No. Once a Parent Organisation has been assigned to an organisation and saved, it is locked in place, as this determines the level of access to the organisation within GameDay by the parent organisation. To resolve this, it is recommended that you create a new organisation and mark the incorrect association as inactive.

If I am logged into an organisation below me in my hierarchy, then I close my browser, where will I land when I open GameDay again?

If you drill down and login to a lower-level organisation in your hierarchy, then close your browser, you will be sent back into the most recent organisation you were logged into when you next open GameDay.

Seasons & Age Groups

Why can’t I edit a Season?

If you do not have the ability to edit a season or the Edit button is greyed out, then the season was created by a higher level of your hierarchy, so you will not be able to make changes to that season from your own database.

Why can’t I see the Seasons & Age Groups page?

If you cannot see the Seasons & Age Groups feature in GameDay, it means that this functionality is currently not enabled for your level of the hierarchy. Please contact your governing body to request having the Seasons & Age Groups functionality enabled for your level.

If you are not affiliated with any governing body within GameDay, please contact us here to request this functionality be enabled.

Will my existing members have an Age Group assigned after I attach my Age Groups to a Season?

No. Once you have attached your Age Groups to a Season and that Season is assigned to specific Products that you are offering as part of your registration process, only subsequently registered members will be assigned an Age Group. Click here for more information on linking Age Groups, Seasons and Products.

Member Types

Can I report on members by Member Type?

Yes, there are multiple methods of reporting on your members by their assigned Member Type:

My governing body has added a Member Type to our sport’s Membership Form, but our organisation doesn’t offer it - can I remove that Member Type from a shared form?

Yes. Follow the process outlined here to hide Member Types from your Membership Form.

ID Management

What is the difference between a Season Based and Lifelong Member ID Rule?

Lifelong Member IDs ensure that the ID assigned to each member won't change regardless of what season they register for.

Season-based Member IDs ensure that the ID assigned to a member only applies to the specific season selected when creating the Member ID Rule.

Which members will be assigned a Member ID when I have an active Member ID Rule?

Member IDs are assigned based on the following rule:

A member must have at least one non-inactive product assigned to their record. The status can be active, pending, pending active or pending approval. If a member has one or more of those products linked to their record then the ID will be automatically generated for them. For 'Season-based' Member ID Rules, the product they registered with must be based on the season selected in the creation of the Member ID Rule.

How long does it take for the system to assign an ID?

Currently the system generates Member IDs every 5 minutes, so please allow 5 minutes for the ID to appear in GameDay.

Can a member who was manually added have a Member ID generated?

Yes, a manually added member can have a Member ID generated, as long as the member has at least one non-inactive product assigned to their record. If a member is manually added and a product is added to their record, please allow 5 minutes for the ID to generate. For more information on manually adding a product to a member's record, click here.

Where can I view a member's assigned ID?

Member IDs can be viewed within a specific member record in the Member Organisation Information section.

Can I search for a member using a Member ID?

Yes, you can enter the specific Member ID into the search bar at the top of the platform and it will find the relevant member with that ID.

Can I see previous IDs that have been assigned to a member?

Yes, you can view a member's previous ID history (if they have one) through their member record in the Member Organisation Information section, by selecting VIEW HISTORICAL IDs

Can I manually change a member's assigned ID?

Yes. You can view any member record and update their assigned ID by editing the Member ID field after expanding the Member Organisation Information section.

If another member already has the ID that you want to assign to a member, you will see a message saying the ID is already in use. If that appears, then you will need to search and find the other member, change their Member ID to something different, then go back to your original member and update the ID. 

Does changing an active rule change the current Member ID that existing members have?

If you change the active Member ID rule for your organisation, you will be able to choose whether to archive existing Member IDs or keep them active with the new active rule adding to unallocated members.

If you choose to archive a previous rule, previous ID that the member had with the old rule will be visible within their member record by expanding the Member Organisation Information section and clicking the View Historical IDs button.

Can I report on Member IDs?

Yes, Member IDs will appear by default in the Advanced Member Report, which can be found by navigating to REPORTS > TABULAR REPORTS > ADVANCED MEMBER REPORT

Can I manually change an Organisation ID?

No. Once an organisation ID has been created it cannot be manually changed. If you wish to change an Organisation ID, you will need to change the current active rule.

Can I report on Organisation IDs?

Yes. Organisation IDs will appear in the Organisation Detail Report, which you can find by navigating to REPORTS > TABULAR REPORTS > ORGANISATION DETAIL REPORT

Can I edit an active ID rule?

No. If a rule is currently active, you cannot edit this rule.

Can I edit an inactive ID rule?

An inactive rule can only be edited if it has not been used yet. If the rule has been used in the past, and members have had IDs assigned using that rule, then you cannot edit this ID rule.