How do I create a memberID rule?

Organisations have the ability to set a specifc type of rule to apply for when generating memberIDs. These rules can be based on two sub rule types:

Lifelong - This means that the member ID for a member won't change regardless of what season/year they register into. This one is the most common used by sports as most sports have the one season per year and so it is easier to identify them based off this.

Season based - this will be the ID a member will get for that particular season. If your organisation works off seasons (eg. a winter and a summer season) throughout the year and your organisation would like two different IDs for each of these different seasons then this is the option you would use.

NOTE: if you are unable to see the following within your organisation, it will mean your sport/national body has not enabled you to manage this as your level, so please speak to them directly if you would like to manage your own memberIDs.

How to create and apply a memberID rule can be done via the following:

1. Log into your organisation.

2. Click the drop down arrow against MY ORGANISATION and click SETTINGS.

3. Click the ID MANAGEMENT tab.

4. The MEMBER ID tab should already be defaulted.

If you can see Organisation ID and Event ID, please ignore these tabs for this particular set up- articles on how to set these up can be found within the support centre under the relevant menus.


6. A pop up box will appear where you can enter parameters for this rule.

NOTE: as you input the following values the bottom of this screen will provide an example of what your IDs will look like if you choose those certain values, you can chop and change as you wish.

6a. Input a name for this rule. 

6b. Select the rule sub-type you wish to base this rule off.

If you select SEASON BASED, you will be asked to select the relevant season you want to base this rule off.

6c. PREFIX/SUFIX (optional) - here you can choose if you want a prefix or suffix for your rule - these fields are optional and can be used if you want to more easily idenitfy what level of rule this is.

(For example; say if you want this memberID to reflect that it is a national ID then you can input NAT or some sort of acronym for your sport before or after the ID so when the ID is created this is reflected and more easily identified.)

6d. Input a starting number you wish to have for these IDs to start at. 

Most organisations choose to start with 1 however you can choose whatever value you wish to start with.

(Starting number cannot be more digits than maximum number)

6e. Input a max number for how long your ID will be (can be between 2-10 digits long).

If you are a big organisation like a national sporting body and have quite a few thousand members register throughout the year then you would most likely want to set the max number to be at least 10 digits long. Whereas if you are an organisation that only gets a couple of hundred members register throughout the year then you'd maybe only want the max number to be 3 or 4 digits long.

You will notice based on the values you have inputted above there is an example provided of what your IDs will look like based on the values, so feel free to chop and change until they are set as how you want.

7. Once happy with values selected, click CREATE NEW RULE.

8, This rule will now be active and automatically applied as the rule for IDs when members register manually or via a form.