What is a product attribute?

Admins have the ability to add attributes to certain products. A product attribute is used when an organisation wishes to sell a physical good type item, like water bottles, merchandise, clothing, etc and the product needs to have a colour, size etc listed so an organisation can report on this and provide to members as requested.

Admins can set up product attributes via the following:

1. Click on PRODUCTS & FORMS.

2. Click on the PRODUCT ATTRIBUTES tab.

You may see that there are default attributes listed, size and colour. These are deafult as these are the main ones that most organisations will use. You can use these or create your own if the some of the sizes or colours in the default ones are not what is available for your organisation.


A pop up box will appear to create this attribute.

4. Input the product attribute name (e.g size, colour etc)

5. Input the attribute items - this is the different options available for that attribute (e.g xl, small, red, blue etc). To delete an item, just click the trash icon.

You need at least one attribute item listed to create it, however there is no maximum number of items you can list here.

6. Click CREATE.

This will now appear in the list. Once items have been created, they cannot be deleted.

Product attributes can only be assigned to physical good products, click here to see how to do this.