Can I manually change a memberID?

Yes, admins do have the ability to manually edit a members ID depending on the set up of their sport. Admins at higher levels have the ability to edit lower level memberIDs (if enabled) however lower level organisations do not have the ability to edit higher level member IDs.

NOTE: if the ID was not created at your level (e.g a state or national ID) please contact the relevant organisation who can change this for you.

To manually change a member ID:

1. Click on the drop down arrow against MEMBERSHIPS > click on MEMBERS.

2. Search for the relevant member.

3. Click VIEW against their name within the member list.

4. Scroll down to the MEMBER ORGANISATION INFORMATION heading > click the drop down arrow against their organisation.

5. The memberID field will be visible under the MEMBER IDS heading section of the profile.

NOTE: if enabled, one or more memberID fields may be visible within the profile depending on the set up of your sport.

6. To edit the memberID click the EDIT (PEN) ICON against the relevant memberID.

NOTE: An unqiue ID cannot assigned if it is already assigned to someone else. You need to ''free it up'' before assigning this ID.

7. Input the manual ID you wish this member to have, then click UPDATE.

8. This new ID will be reflected within the members profile.

I can see the edit (pen) icon however when I click on it I cannot edit this field?

If you can see the edit icon against the member profile but it will not allow you to edit this field it will mean that memberIDs are not managable at your level so you will need to speak to your sporting body and they will be able to edit this field for you or make changes so your level can make this change (if the ID is for your level). 

I am getting an error when I try to input a unique memberID how can I fix this?

If you are getting an error message (like the below) about the ''ID is already in use'', this means that another member within the sport/organisation already has this specifc ID, so you will need to search for this member ID within the search bar > change that memberID for that member to something else > then go back to your original member and update their record to reflect this memberID.