How do I update a member's assigned ID?

GameDay administrators can update the assigned active Member ID on a member's record, provided the new ID has not already been assigned to another member

Note: If the ID was not created at your level (e.g a state or national ID) please contact the relevant organisation that can change this for you

To manually change a member ID:

1. In the left-hand menu, click Members > MEMBERS

2. Click VIEW against their name within the member list

3. Scroll down to the MEMBER ORGANISATION INFORMATION heading and click the drop-down arrow against the organisation

4. Click the EDIT (PENCIL) ICON against the relevant MemberID

5. Enter the MemberID you want this member to have, then click UPDATE

Note: A unique ID cannot be assigned if it is already assigned to someone else

8. This new ID will be reflected within the member record