How do I generate a QR Code for my Membership Form?

With GameDay's QR Code generator, administrators can download a QR Code directly from GameDay to provide to members as a link to a specific Membership Form.

This is designed to give members a quick and easy way to access a Membership Form through their mobile device and offers the flexibility to scan the QR Code as a printed copy, included in communications, or directly through GameDay.

To generate a Membership Form QR Code:

1. In the left-hand menu, open the Membership Forms menu and click MEMBERSHIP FORMS.

2. Find the Membership Form for which you want to generate a QR Code, then click the Actions Arrow > GENERATE QR CODE.

This will generate your QR Code. You'll notice that scanning this with your mobile device will automatically send you to a link to your selected Membership Form.

3. Here, you will have two options:

  • Download: Allows you to download a direct image file of your QR Code.

  • Download PDF: Allows you to download a formatted PDF version of the QR Code which also includes:
    • The QR Code
    • The Name of the Membership Form
    • Your Organisation Logo
    • Your Organisation Name