How do I view/edit/delete a document for a member?

Administrators have the ability to view, download, edit and delete (based on permissions) member documents.

1. Log into your organisation.

2. Click the arrow against MEMBERSHIPS.

3. Click MEMBERS.

4. Search for the members name within the member list and the click VIEW.

5. Click on the DOCUMENTS & NOTES tab within the member profile.

NOTE: if you do not have the options to view, delete or edit these documents, it means that the permission is set to the only viewable/editable/deletable by the organisation that it was uploaded to, so you will need to contact the relevant organisation to make any changes to this.

6. Under the DOCUMENTS tab, to view a member document, click VIEW next to name of the document.

6a. The document will appear in a pop up screen for you to view. If the document has multiple pages, use the scroll bar on the right hand side of the pop up.

7. To download the document onto your computer, click the arrow next to the name of the file and then select DOWNLOAD DOCUMENT.

7a. Once the document has successfully downloaded it will appear at the bottom of your browser or be accessible via the downloads folder on your computer.

8. To edit an existing document click on the arrow and then select EDIT DOCUMENT.

8a. Once you have made changes to the document click SAVE.

9. To delete a document, click on the arrow and then select DELETE DOCUMENT.

9a. You also have the ability to delete the document this document when EDITING the document, just click the DELETE button on the bottom left hand corner.