How do I log into another organisation?

Those admins that have access at a national, state or association level have the ability to be able to log into a lower level organisations from their level. This allows a national or state body to log into a specific club to look at their member lists, products and forms etc.

NOTE: only those admins who have access at a national, state or association level have the abilty to drill down to a lower level- those at club level cannot do this.

1. Log into your level of admin access (e.g national/state).

2. On the top right hand corner of the portal you will see the initials of your account, hover over this and click Login to.

NOTE: you will also see the name and level of the organisation that you are logged into currently, so if you happen to log into another organisation you can see where you are and log back into the correct organisation if needed.

4. You will be taken to a page with a list of all the organisations underneath your organisational heirarchy. What organisations are listed here will depend on the highest level of access you have.

5. To find the organisation you wish to login to, click on the page numbers or use the search bar.

6. Once you have found the organisation you wish to login to, click login.

7. You will be taken to this organisations home dashoard in which you can then nativgate that organisations portal and perform the tasks needed. 

8. If you need to log back into your level of access, repeat steps 4 to 6.


If you login to a different organisation and decide to exit the browser, the browser crashes or you log out or any related scenarios, when you log back into your admin access, you won't remain logged into that organisation, your access will revert back your original organisation (the one you have higest access to).

For example, if I have state level access and I decide to login to a club, if I log out (while still at that club level), when I log back in with my admin access, I will be taken back to that state level and will need to drill back into that club.