How do I change how my registration form looks?

Your registration form will have default colours for different parts, however you can change the way the form looks by updating the Form Display Template.

1. Go to Products and Forms.

2. Select Form Display Template.

You have the option to upload your organisation logo as well as change the colour of the buttons and headers.

3. To upload your organisation logo, under the Logo heading, select Choose Image.

NOTE: the height of the image must be at least 80 pixels.

This image will then display in the top left hand corner of the form.

You may also notice a logo on the right hand side of the form, this logo pulls from the logo assigned within organiastion details.

4. You can change the colour of the Header and Progress bar- select the colours from each of the options on the left hand side colour picker.

5. You can also change the button colour on the registration form - select the colours from each of the options.

6. You also have the option to see how these colours look when viewing on a mobile device. Click the Mobile View to see how these colours appear.

You will also notice that there is a contrast checker when setting this colours. This assists you in setting the right colours in order to assist those that might be vision impared or colour blind when viewing the form. This is no compulsory and the template will save even if it fails the checker- this is just a guide.

6. Once happy click save.

7. After members log into the registration form, they will be able to see these colours as they progress through the form.