Managing Existing Unique Promo Codes

This article will help you manage your newly created or already existing promo codes.

1) Log into your dashboard and select the "Promotions" item from the left-hand side menu.

 2) Select the "Promo Codes" tab as pictured below.

From this tab you will be able to view and edit all of your promo codes that have been created.

3) Click 'Edit' on the promo code you are looking to view or make changes to.

You will see the following tabs:

The Details tab will allow you to edit the Description, the discount type (Percentage or Amount), the value of the discount, the date range this code will be available, the number of codes to generate and whether the promo code is Active or Inactive.

The Applied To tab allows you to edit what this promo code can be used on specifically. Whether that is all active products, specific products only or specific registration forms only for example. These are the same options as when you created the promo code originally. If you need more information on these options, you can view the 'Creating promo codes' help article.

The Members tab will show you the members you have already selected to receive a code, as well as allow you to add more members if needed. You will also see the status of the code that was assigned to each member.
'Assigned' - The code has been emailed to the member
'Unassigned' - The code has not been emailed to the member directly
'Redeemed' - The code has been successfully used

The Assignment tab is where you can email the members their promo codes, assign promo codes to newly added members and view any Order IDs of promo codes that have been redeemed. Clicking on the Order ID will take you to the detailed transaction page of this member.

The Messages tab is where you can edit the email that is sent out to the members. It is the same process of editing the email when in the promo code setup wizard.