How do I scan event tickets via the app?

When entrants register to the event, they get an event ticket created which has the QR code in which admins can scan participants into the event, so they can track which entrants participated in the event. Once this QR code has been scanned it then reflects in the participant details view of the event within the admin portal and does not allow admins to re-scan it once it has already been scanned.

Please make sure the entrant has their event ticket handy, that display the ticket with the QR code so you can scan this straight away.

1. Log into the GameDay app with your admin access.

2. Click into the relevant event.


When you click this button for the first time, you will be asked if you want to allow the app to have access to your camera > select OK.

4. The app will open your camera > hover this over the QR code of the entrants ticket and it will scan the code.

5. Once successful it will return a scan successful message. If a QR code has already been scanned the app will display an error message saying that this code has already been scanned.


Once an entrants QR code has been scanned, this will update the ATTENDANCE TRACKING tab within the event itself to display what day and time this code was scanned but where you can also see what QR codes have currently been scanned.

1. Log into your organisation via

2. Click the arrow against EVENTS > MANAGE EVENTS.

3. Click the drop down arrow next to the relevant event > click VIEW.

4. Click on the ATTENDANCE TRACKING tab.

5. You will see a date/time displayed against the entrant/QR code if is has already been scanned, as well as the attendance status be updated to YES.