How do I add a note for a member?

Administrators can add member notes against a members record where they can also upload a document related to this note as well (make sure it is saved somewhere accessible if this is the case):

For FAQ's related to document and member notes/uploads please click here.

1. Log into your organisation.

2. Click the arrow against MEMBERSHIPS.

3. Click MEMBERS.

4. Search for the members name within the member list and the click VIEW.

5. Click on the DOCUMENTS & NOTES tab within the member profile.

6. Under the NOTES tab, click ADD NOTE.

7. Input the NOTE NAME.

8. Input information into the NOTE TEXT.

To expand the text box more, drag the left hand bottom corner to the right.. There is no limit on characters here so put as much or as little information as needed.


10. Select from the list about what TYPE OF NOTE this is.

11. Select what organisation this note can be VIEWABLE BY.

  • If you selected ''only this organisation'' as the viewable by, this field will automatically be greyed out to match.

12. Select what organisation this note can be EDITABLE BY.

13. Click SAVE.

The member note now appears in the list. 

14. Repeat the above steps to add any extra member notes.