Frequently Asked Questions?

How do I enable the GameDay Events?

If your organisation would like to have GameDay Events enabled, please contact our sales team via:

Please include the name of your organisation, a best contact number and email address.

Can I customise the invoice email and the ticket?

No, this is already hardcoded into the system and cannot be customised or changed. This will however include your event logo and reflect details based on the event and products purchased for the event.

Can I use special characters within the event name or event sub domain name?

No, special characters can't be used - only numbers and letters.

Can I register to an event using my existing membership account?

Yes, if you will be using the same email address as your general registration to a club then on the log in page of the event registration form, use the same username and password. If you wish to use a different email address, click the signup option on the event registration form homepage.

I don't have an account within the system or I am not a member of the organisation, am I still able to register to the event?

Yes, you can register as a Guest if the form allows. If the form does not allow Guest Registration, please contact the organisation directly as they may have not allowed guests for this particular event.

How do I view the entrants that are registered to my event?

Please click here to see how to view the entrant listing for your event.

How do I email entrants registered to the event?

Please click here to see how to email entrants registered to your event.

How do I update the background image on the event landing page and registration form?

To update the background image and colours of the event please click here.

How do I report on events?

You can find information on how to report on events via the Event Reporting folder within the Reporting folder on the support centre.

What is the recommended image size for the event logo?

The recommended image szie is 320pixels x 180pixels. JPEG or PNG format only.

What is the recommended image size for sponsors?

The recommended image szie is 320pixels x 180pixels. JPEG or PNG format only.

What is the recommended image size for the event display template view?

The recommended image szie is 1920pixels x 1080pixels. JPEG or PNG format only.

How long do I have to complete the event registration?

The countdown timer will start after you have selected your product/s and you will have 15 minutes to complete the registration. If you do not complete it within the timeframe, you will be taken to the login page to start again.

Where is my event ticket?

The ticket/s for the event will be an attachment within the payment confirmation email you received, and each product will have a unique QR code so the organisers for the events can scan you in.

Terminlogy meaning for events:

  • Ticketing events: these are basically just generic events that an organisation would run where basically a member just pays and registers (e.g come and try events, workshops , conferences etc type events).
  • Event Entry events: these events are those that give you the ability to have sub events within your main event (e.g marathon, school program, multi sport, carnival type events).
  • Event Ticket/Pass: this ticket/pass to the event that a member gets when registered - it is the QR code that member recieves when they register to events that allows the admin to scan in that member to the event so they can track who attends the event. More information can be found here for admins and here for participants.