Physical Goods Add-on product set up

Below outlines the set up of a product if they have the PHYSICAL GOODS product sub type.

1. Create new product from either the products and forms tab or within the form itself.

2. Against PRODUCT TYPE select ADD ON.

3. Select the PHYSICAL GOODS product sub type.

4. Input a product name and product description (optional).

5. Input the product SKU if it has one (optional). This is an alphanumeric field.

6. Add a product image (optional).

7. Input a price and select a payment option.

8. Select a delivery method- either deliver or pickup.

Please note: we do not delivery ourselves. This is something you will need to organise outside our system.

7. Fill out the rest of the fields on this page > continue.

The next step is where you add in product attributes. Product attributes are the options available for the product, like colour and size. These product attributes need to be set up beforehand, click here to see how to do this.

8. Select the relevent product attribute (e.g colour, size).

9. Add in all the relevant attributes available for this product. Click ADD ATTRIBUTE OPTION button if more than one is available.

10. Input a QUANTITY LIMIT for each of these attributes. This is the quantity you have of each option (e.g 15 home jerseys, 10 away jerseys). If you have unlimited ''stock'', tick the no limit checkbox.

11. Click continue

12. Fill in the rest of the product set up as per normal.

13. Confirm and save.