How do I create a Merchandise Product

Add-on Products can be created and added to forms to collect fees for various different types of offerings, however the most common scenario in which an Add-on Product would be used is by creating a Physical Goods Add-on Product, which typically includes merchandise such as a T-Shirt or a Football.

To create a Physical Goods Add-on Product:

1. On the left-hand menu, click PRODUCTS & QUESTIONS option

2. Click the CREATE NEW PRODUCT button

Basic Settings

1. In the PRODUCT TYPE field, select ADD ON

2. Select the PHYSICAL GOODS Product Sub Type

Continue completing any applicable product details in the fields below:

  • Product Name: The name of the product as displayed to the public on your registration forms
  • Description: Provide an optional description of the Product to display on registration forms
  • Product SKU (if applicable). This should be an alphanumeric field that can be used to track stock for your product
  • Product Image
  • Price
  • Payment Option
    • Payment Gateway Only: Ensures that the Product can only be purchased through the online payment gateway on GameDay registration forms
    • Payment Gateway or Manually set Product as Paid: Allow the Product to be purchased through the online payment gateway or applied manually by an administrator directly through GameDay
  • Delivery Method

Note: GameDay has no involvement in delivery of Physical Goods products. The Delivery Method field is to be used only for collection of data.

  • Available to Purchase Dates: Apply a date range in which you want the Product to appear on registration forms
  • Quantity Limit: A total stock limit for your product. Once this number has been reached, the product will automatically become unavailable
  • Status: Set the product to Active or Inactive

Once you've completed the Basic Settings, click CONTINUE

Product Attributes

Next, you will need to create Product Attributes. Product Attributes are the selectable options available for the product, such as colour or size. Click here for more information on setting up Product Attributes.

1. Select an option in the SELECT PRODUCT ATTRIBUTE field

2. Click the ADD ATTRIBUTE OPTION button if more than one attribute is available for this product

3. Enter a QUANTITY LIMIT for each attribute. This represents the maximum quantity you have available for each option (e.g 15 home jerseys, 10 away jerseys). If you have unlimited stock, tick the No Limit checkbox

Display Rules & Review

Display Rules allow you to configure your Product to only display on registration forms if a member meets a certain set of characteristics. The Display Rules that can be applied to products are:

  • Only show to Member Type(s): Select one or more Member Types here to ensure the Product only appears on registration if the registrant has selected a particular Member Type on the front page of the registration form
  • Only show to Gender: Select a Gender option to ensure the Product only shows to a specific Gender selected by the registrant on the front page of the registration form

Note: Gender display rules are based on the Assigned Gender at Birth field, not the Gender Identity field

  • Show this Product to all ages?: If No is selected here, you can apply an age range (as at a specific date) to ensure that the Product only displays to members of a certain age. This is automatically calculated based on the date of birth entered by each registrant on the front page of the registration form
  • Make dependent on another Product?: If Yes is selected here, apply a Conditional Product to ensure that your new Product only displays if the member is purchasing - or has already purchased - the Conditional Product. Click here for more information on Conditional Products

Once you have applied your Display Rules, click CONTINUE.

On the following page, review the final details of your Product, then click CONFIRM AND SAVE