How do I create an account?

How do I create an account to become an admin for a league/club?

In order to create an account to become an admin for a league or club, you will need to contact someone who already has access to your club portal, who can then grant you this access. They will be able to add your email address as an admin user, in which when they enable this, it will create an account for you and you will receive an email to set a password.

Once you recieve this email and you set your password you can then log into the system to access your club portal.

If you are needing to become a league or club admin but are not sure if anyone has access to your portal, then please contact your state body who will be able to grant you access to your league or club. They will be able to drill down into your league/club and grant you this admin access.

How do I create an account to register via a registration form?

To create an account to register yourself or your children, you will need to get a registration form from your club, so please contact your club directly to get this registration form link.

Once you have received this form from your club, you will be able to create an account from the log in page of this registration form. If you are a parent registering multiple children, you only need to create this account once. If you wish to receive the confirmation email from registering please make sure this account matches that of the email you are going to register your children with.

NOTE: this account does not register your or your children to the club- it is just so the system recognises you as a user and so you are able to log into a registration form, so please do not create this account under one of your children's names. 

1. Open the link to the registration form you received from the club.

2. On the homepage of the form click Sign Up.

3. Fill in all the relevant information. Please remember to put your information here and not one of your childrens.

  • Passwords have specific requirements so be sure to make sure your password ticks all the boxes.

4. Once you have filled in all the information, click Sign Up.

5. You will then receive a screen that asks you to check your email account for a confirmation email to verify your account.

NOTE: please ensure you verify your account before continuting otherwise your account will not be created correctly. NOTE: Password links expire within 24 hours so please verify your account ASAP.

6. You should recieve an email to confirm your account. Please be sure to check your spam/junk folders as emails can appear there.

7. Once your account has been confirmed, a confirmation screen will appear.

8. You account has now been created and you can now log in and register yourself and your children via the registration form.