Participants | Troubleshooting

Problem: You're trying to re-register through a form, but you can't see the right member name under the Linked Participants section

Solution: If you've registered through GameDay before, any other members that you have registered using your account will be listed in the Linked Members section after you log in to the form. If you can't see the name of the member that you want to register, try out the steps below to resolve the issue:

Note: Linked Members will only appear on your registration form if you logged in with an existing GameDay account - if you created a new account at the beginning of the registration form, you will not have any members linked to the account.

  • If you have any other email addresses, log out of the form and try using a different one in the Email field when opening the form - GameDay accounts are based on unique email addresses, and if you are not using the one that was initially used when you initially registered, you will not be able to log in.
  • Still no joy? In that case, you may need to double-check with an administrator at the organisation to check whether your member exists in their database and is linked to the same email address.