How do I grant someone admin access to my organisation?

1. Click arrow against My Organisation and click Admins & Contacts.

2. Click create contact.

3. Input all relevant information and the click save.

  • IS PRIMARY checkbox: by checking this box the user will become the primary contact for this organisations and receive emails relation to registrations, clearances etc.
  • ROLE: select the relevant role that this user will have.

NOTE: Only an admin with the TREASURER role will be able to add/edit bank account details.

4. The user will currently be listed as inactive in the list until you enable them as a user.

5. Click the arrow next to the users name and click enable admin

5a. A pop up will appear asking you to confirm that you want to make this user an admin; click enable. 

6. You will see a notification in the top left hand corner confirming that this user has been granted access and for them to check their email.

Be sure to let your admin know to check their inbox/spam folders for this email as this activation is required before they can set a password and log in.