How do I grant someone admin access to my organisation?

1. Hover over My Organisation and click Admins & Contacts.

2. Click create contact.

3. Input all relevant information and the click save.

  • IS PRIMARY checkbox: by checking this box the user will become the primary contact for this organisations an receive emails relation to registrations, clearances etc.
  • ROLE: select the relevant role that this user will have.

NOTE: Only an admin with the TREASURER role will be able to add/edit bank account details.

4. The user will currently be listed as inactive in the list until you enable them as a user.

5. Click the arrow next to the users name and click enable admin

5a. A pop up will appear asking you to confirm that you want to make this user an admin; click enable. 

6. You will be notified that the admin has now had a confirmation email sent to them in which they will be asked to create a password for their access and then they will be able to log in. Once they have confirmed this they will then display as active in the contact list.