Successful Registration Email Message

Admins have the ability to input information related to the club, competitions, processes, organisation information etc, for members to view after they have successfully registered, this is called a successful registration email.

Once a member has registered successfully via the form, they will receive this information in an email.

1. Go to Products & Forms.

2. Edit the relevant registration form.

3. Go to the Messaging & Notifications tab.

4. Within the Registration Success Email, input the information that you would like members to receive once they have registered, including images.

You can include information about who is the primary contact at the organisation, season start and end dates or any other generic information you would like members to be made aware of once registered. You can also add in your organisation logo, sponsors etc.

You have the ability to choose if you want this email to send to member upon successful completion of the registration form. Tick this checkbox if you want this email to be sent to members.

5. Once happy click save.

NOTE: the invoice email is hardcoded and the formatting and layout cannot be changed, however the organisation details will be reflected based on your organisation when a member successfully registers.