Event Dashboard

The Event Dashboard will display information within individual graphs in which you can then export as individual graphs or one large graph. This dashboard report is available only those organisatons that have the evnts module enabled.

1. Go to REPORTS.

2. Go to EVENTS > then click on DASHBOARD.

3. Wait for the dashboard to load. This may take a moment or two to load so please be patient.

NOTE: this dashboard will only load with information if there has been entrants registered to events.

This dashboard displays information related to:

  • How many events have been run.
  • How many participants have registered to all the events.
  • Events that have been run by event cateogry per year.
  • What gender participants have registered as.
  • What age groups participants registered are.

To view any of these graphs in full screen, click here.

To export any of these graphs click here.