How do I make my form available to other organisations?

NOTE: club level admins do not have the ability to make the form available other organisations, due to them being the lowest level of the heirarchy.

Admins have the ability to make their forms available to lower level organisations. They can do this three ways.

  • One level below: this means that the form will only be made available to those organisations that are one level below your heirarchy. For example, if you create this form a national level, it will only be available for your state level.
  • All levels below: this means that the form is available for all organisations within your heirarchy, including state, association and club level.
  • Specific organisation: this allows you to select one or more specific organsiations to make the form available to. If you want to make this available to only one or two organisations, you will need to select the first organisation and then click add another and then select the other organisation.

1. Go to Products & Forms.

2. Click edit next to the relevant form.

3. Scroll down on the Settings tab to the Available To option, select the organisation level you wish to share the form with.

If you wish to select a specific organisation to share this to, click on ADD SPECIFIC ORGANISATION/S and search for the organisation you wish to share it with.

4. Click save and the option you have selected will appear.