Can I add a minimum/maximum product purchase limit?

Gameday Events allows admins to be able to set a minimum and maximum product purchase limit for event related products. This type of process can be used if an admin wants a certain number of that product/s to be purchased before an entrant can complete their registration.

To set this minimum/maximum value you need can do so when creating the event product itself.

NOTE: this min/max product purchase limit can only be set for EVENT related products.

1. Create your event product, either via the products and forms tab or within the event form itself. 

2. Input the relevant information related to the normal product set up.

If creating the event product via the products and forms tab, make sure the EVENT product type is selected. This will automatically be deafulted when creating the product via the event form.

3. To set a min/max product purchase limit, click YES against ALLOW USERS TO PURCHASE A PRODUCT MULTIPLE TIMES.

NOTE: This min/max value cannot exceed the QUANTITY LIMIT value set for the event product.

4. Input the MINIMUM amount of times this product can be purchased. 

5. Input the MAXIMUM amount of times this product can be purchased.

6. Continue through the rest of the product set up.

You can change these values at any time for the event product.

Once set up these min/max values will show on the form so entrants know the min/max of a product they need to select before continuing through the form.

If an entrant tries to continue through the form without selecting a minimum, then they will see an error message and be asked to select before continuing.