What is ECAL and general FAQ's?

ECAL is a world-leading calendar solution where event organisers will be able to connect their GameDay Events account to ECAL in order to automate the creation of ECAL calendar widgets and button displays and sync events created in GameDay to ECAL. Event organisers will then be able to publish the widget of their choice on their own website event landing page.

This integration will support a number of public-facing event calendar widgets, sync to calendar buttons for event participants and event advertising displays. From these widgets, event participants or members will be able to easily sync events to their personal calendar of choice. 

Below are a few FAQ's related to Gameday Events and ECAL:

What does ECAL do?

ECAL allows members and participants to sync upcoming events for your organisation to their personal calendars - this is done by displaying a ''add to calendar'' button within your events website or wherever you choose to display these specific events.

What calendars does ECAL sync with?

ECALs calendar solutions sync to all popular calendar solutions such as Google, Apple, Outlook, Hotmail, Office 365 + more.

How do I, an admin, set up ECAL to display our events?

Admins need to get their organisation set up with ECAL first before they can do so, click here to get set up (insert link).

How do we get the calendar to display on our website?

This current release only allows the calendar to display via widgets (html and java script code) that can be inserted into your website. How do this can be found here. Future updates will allow different iternations of viewing this calendar.

Please note that the Gameday support team cannot assist with this side of things, so if you are unsure it will be best to speak to your IT person or someone who is familiar with coding/adding code into websites.

How does a member remove an event from their calendar?

If members sync the incorrect event to their calendar, all they need to do is remove the event from their calendar manually and then find the correct event and add that one to their calendar. This process is the same for those that no longer wish to receive Event-related informati. Participants can view ECALs privacy policy for more information (Clause 20).

Does the event calendar also display the sub events, for those that are set up as sub events?

No, as the sub events are within the main event itself, those will not display within this calendar- only the main event can be viewed within this calendar. When registering to this event, a member/participant will be able to view these sub events.

Am I able to display events from other organisations within my heirarchy?

No, currently, admins can only allow members to view and sync events from within their own organisation. Future updates may allow this to be accomodated.

Can the ECAL sync be displayed within an event registration form or the app?

Currently ECAL is only set to be integrated to an organisations website via a widget. In future updates we aim to allow the app or event registration landing page, form etc to display the ''add to calendar'' button.