How do I email event entrants?

Admins have the ability to email entrants within a particular event if they need to provide more information, future updates etc.

1. Click the drop down arrow against EVENTS > click on MANAGE EVENTS.

2. Click on the drop down arrow against the relevant event.

3. Click VIEW.


5. To email a specific entrant/s tick the checkbox next to the name of the entrant or alternatively if you wish to email all event entrants, click the checkbox at the top of the list to select all.

5. Once all relevant entrants are ticked, click EMAIL # PARTICIPANTS.

6. Click CONTINUE.

7. Input a subject line for your email and the Message and then click CONTINUE.

8. Review the message and once happy, click CONFIRM and SEND.

NOTE: some of our emails can end up in a persons junk/spam box so please get them to check that area as well as the inbox if they can't find the email.