Event Question Reporting

Any questions that participants answered within an event registration form can be found in the same report as that of the general registration form. Found in the Question Data Report that will allow you to filter on Event Question in the same report as general rego form answers.

1. Log into your organisation

2. Go to REPORTS.


This report will be defaulted to report on both membership, merchandise (if any) and event questions. This report works the same as your normal question data report (if you don't have the events module)- you will just need to filter the report to suit on the event questions.

4. On the PRODUCT TYPE filter on the right hand side, adjust the filter to only have the EVENT product type selected.

(Untick the top checkbox to unselect all and then retick the EVENTS checkbox).

This will adjust the report to only include the event related questions that were available in the event forms.

5. If you only have the one event running then you can leave the FORM NAME field to include all, however if you have more than one event but you only want to report on questions answered in a specific event form then you will need to adjust the FORM NAME filter.

To filter based on the one event form/s:

a. Click on the INCLUDE ALL button. This will bring up an side box for you to select a form.

b. You can either search for the name of the form (if you have a long list of event forms) for simply untick the top checkbox to unselect all forms and then scroll to select your relevant event form.

Once you have selected the relevant form/s it click OK.

This will now adjust the report to bring up questions only answered within that particular event form.

6. To export this report dashboard, click here.