How do I create a product?

1. Go to Products & Forms.

2. Click the Products tab, and click Create New Product.

3. Input the name of the product.

4. Enter in a description, if more information is needed to know who/what this product is for- this is not compulsory and but if filled out will display against the product within the registration form.

5. Product type is defaulted to Membership.

If you have the events module enabled, you will also be able to create an event product from this section.

6.  Input the price of the product- this can be written with or without the decimal (e.g  1 or 1.00) - the price will calculate correctly on the form regardless of how this price is input. 

Products can also have a $0 price tag, just input 0 into this box. 

6a. You can also select whether or not this product has tax/gst ((depending on your country) included in the price. This check box defaulted as is ticked, which means tax/gst is included in the price.

If your price does not include tax/gst then untick this box. Please note this does not change the price of the product itself. 

7. Select the payment option you wish to have for this product.

  • Payment Gateway Only: this product will only be allowed to be purchased online via the registration form.
  • Payment Gateway or Manually set Product as Paid: this allows the product to be purchased online via the form, or allows the admin to manually mark this product as paid within the members profile.

8. Select an the start and end date of the product for the period of time the member will be registered.

  • For more information on the different options click here.

9. Select the member type/s that this product will grant for members (this will be the member type displayed on their record). Select all relevant member types and then click add.

10. Input the start and end dates for the period of time this product is availbale to purchase from/until

This period is for how long the product itself will be visible on the form for. If you are creating an early bird product set that time to be earlier than your actual product and once the date changes over the actual product will show and the early bird will remove.

11. Set the status of this product to Active.

Click Continue.

12. Select the relevent member types this product will be shown to within the form.

This will default to ALL MEMBER TYPES, so if you wish to only use certain member types, the untick this box and select the relevant member types.

Once a type is added, click the box to add more than one member type.

13. Select what gender you would like to be made available to.

14. Select if you would like to have this product available for all age groups or a specific age group.

If this is for a specific age group, select no and input the age ranges for which you would like to see this available for.  For more information related to how to see the age ranges up correctly, click here.

15. Select if this product be a conditional prodouct- a product where the another product needs to be selected or purchased before this one can show on the form.

More information on how to set conditional products can be found here.

Click Continue.

16. You will then be prompted with the summary page in which you can review all the information you have input for this product and go back if you need to change anything.

17. Once happy, click confirm and save.

18. This will then take you to the product detail page in which you can edit any information if needed as well.