Integrate ECAL into a 3rd party website

After creating events within your GameDay database our website allows you to easily integrate your events. The information you need to be able to add these events into your website are outlined below.

1. Log into your organisation and click the drop down arrow against EVENTS and click against MANAGE EVENTS.

2. Click into the ECAL WIDGETS tab.

3. Displayed here and the three different types of views that this calendar can be displayed as, click VIEW against the relevant widget you wish to use.

NOTE: GameDay websites only allow a Carousel or Column event display.

4. On the WEBSITE tab, this is where you can copy the codes to insert into your website.

5. Copy the JavaScript code from the first box and paste the code within the <head> tag of your website. The process to do this will depend on the type of website you have.

As an example, for a Wordpress site you can install a plugin such as 'Header and Footer'.
When installed, go to the configuration panel of the plugin and paste the code into the box labeled "Code to be added to HEAD section of every page". Once done, click Save Changes.

Alternatively, if you have access to the header.php file of your website, you can add the code inside of the head tags and save the file.

Code will need to be after the opening <head> tag and before the </head> closing tag.

In order to access header.php, you will need to have admin permissions to the site. You can access the file under:

  • Appearance Theme Editor > Header.php 
  • then add the line of script between <head> tag (example below)

6. Next, Copy and paste the HTML code from the second box into the body of the page you wish the Events to appear on your website.

Make sure you are pasting the code while editing the page in the "code view" or "source code" or adding a code block to ensure this works correctly. Simply pasting the code as text into your page will not work.

It may be useful to contact your relevant Website support if you need further assistance with this process.