Dark Mode

GameDay now allows users to view and navigate the system using ''Dark Mode''. Currently the system defaults display in a 'Light Mode''. Dark mode allows admins the ability to view the system in a contrasting dark mode which assist some users view content with a greater contrast and may be a personal preference for how users wish to view content on their screen.

To toggle between Dark and Light mode:

1. Log into your organisation.

2. Click on your profile in the right hand corner.

3. Click on DARK MODE.

BETA phase: You will notice that Dark Mode will display as BETA due to the fact that it is in its initial release phase - this allows for a period of feedback to be provided by users. Users will always be allowed to toggle back and forth between dark and light mode. It will likely remain in BETA phase for several months. If have any feedback or you see any weird page displays, hard to see information etc please send an email to our support team who can pass this feedback onto our product and development team.

This will change the theme to dark mode, where admins can go about their normal admin processes, just in a different colour mode.

NOTE: if you change this mode to dark mode and then log out, when logging back in it will remember this mode and keep you in it so if you wish to stay within the light mode make sure to toggle back before logging out.

To toggle back to the light mode, within your profile, click LIGHT MODE.