How do I upload a profile image for a member?

Administrators have the ability to manually upload a profile image for a member. This is done via their member profile which will then reflect on their profile when registering in future, in which they can keep or change as they wish.

You will need to make sure the member has sent this image to you and you have it saved locally somewhere. 

The recommended image size should be 200 x 200 pixels

1. Log into your organisation

2. Click the drop down arrow against Memberships.

3. Click on Members.

4. Search for the member within the list.

5. Click VIEW against their profile.

6.Hover over the profile image, then click UPLOAD IMAGE.

7. Find the image and upload.

8. Once happy with the image click SAVE.

If you need to edit/remove the image, hover over the profile image and select accordingly.