How do I copy/clone a product?

Please see the below on how to clone (copy) a product.

NOTE: products can only be cloned one at a time and cannot be cloned within the registration form itself.


2. Click on the PRODUCTS tab.

3. Search for the product you want to clone.

4. Click the DROP DOWN arrow against the product > Click CLONE PRODUCT.

5. A message will appear confirming you want to clone this product > click CLONE.

This process automatically saves the product as a copy. You now just need to adjust the relevant fields you need to. If the original product was conntected to a particular form, this is the only part of the product that is not cloned.

6. The product name automatically gets called Copy Of (product name)- be sure to change this to the name needed.

7. Adjust any relevant details.

8. Save.

9. Go back to the form listing to find this cloned product or assign it to the relevant form.