Membership Management | Overview

GameDay's Members module serves as a complete directory for your membership base and allows you to search, view, edit and manage all of your members in one place, whether they are currently registered with your organisation or not.

Having a firm grasp on your membership database opens up a huge range of opportunities to engage and communicate with your members, report on their information and characteristics, and keep track of how your members are interacting with your membership forms through GameDay.

The help resources outlined below will give you an introduction to various aspects of your membership database including navigating your member list, understanding individual member records, outlining the clearance/transfer facility and configuring your communication settings.

To expand the Members section, click the MEMBERS option in the left-hand menu.

The Members menu includes the below features:


Allows you to manage and communicate with all of your members in one area of the database. The Members section is characterised by two primary interfaces:

Member List - Learn More

Member Records - Learn More


Allows you to manage the member transfer process within your hierarchy.

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Allows you to pre-configure email templates and see communication history.

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Membership Renewal Reminders

Allows you to create and send renewal registration reminder notifications to members to assist with your season rollovers

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Membership Payment Campaigns

Allows you to create and send invoice notifications with a payment link to prompt members to complete payment for their membership renewals

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Allows you to create and manage the assignment of custom accreditations

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