How to create an event using an event template?

With GameDay Events, administrators have the ability to create an Event Template, allowing them to define broad event configurations that can be shared and re-used across multiple events, and even to other organisations within the hierarchy.

To create an event using an existing Event Template:

1. In the left-hand menu, click Events > MANAGE EVENTS


3. Select the EVENT TEMPLATE from the drop-down list

4. Complete the initial event details as below:

  • Event Name: The name of the event as displayed in your GameDay database and on the event landing page and registration form

    Event Timezone: Choose the timezone of the event's location

    Event Start Date/Time: Enter the starting date and time of the event

    Event End Date/Time: Enter the end date and time of the event

Note: The Event Template you selected may also stipulate that the Event Start/End Date must be within a specific range

Click SAVE when you're ready

5. Complete the Event Details tab. Depending on the configuration of the Event Template, certain fields will be defined and locked. You can find this information in the Defined by Template section, as shown below:

Visit the links below for more information on completing your Event Details:

Completing Event Details for Ticketing Events

Completing Event Details for Event Entry Events

6. Enter your Event Content to define the information that will show on your event landing page.

Completing Event Content for Ticketing Events

Completing Event Content for Event Entry Events

7. Add any Event Products & Groups - again, you may already have products added to the event based on the Event Template you selected

Adding Products & Groups to Ticketing Events

Adding Products & Groups to Event Entry Events

8. Define your event's Questions & Layout

Defining Questions & Layout for Ticketing Events

Defining Questions & Layout for Event Entry Events

9. Add any Messaging & Notifications

Adding Messaging & Notifications for Ticketing Events

Adding Messaging & Notifications for Event Entry Events

10. Publish your Event

In the Publish tab, you can set your landing page and event form live:

a) Set your Landing Page live by adding a Sub Domain, which will generate a live URL for your event

b) In the Form Status section, you can set your event live by changing the status to ACTIVE and applying Form Activation and Expiry Dates

c) Click SAVE to finalise and generate your Event Landing Page and Registration Form

Event Display Template

The Event Display Template tab provides significant flexibility in the way you want to present the front-end version of your event pages, with features including:

1. Preview Panel: Allows you to preview any colour changes you make on the template. 

2. Event/Landing Page View: Allows you to toggle the Preview Panel to show the Landing Page design or Event Form design.

3. Desktop/Mobile View: Allows you to toggle the format of the Preview Panel to display either desktop view or mobile responsive view.

4. Background Image: Allows you to add a custom Background Image.

5. Button Colours: Allows you to customise the colour of buttons and button text.

6. Background Gradients: Allows you to further customise your Background Image by applying gradient colours.

7. Text Link Colour: Allows you to customise the colour of text hyperlinks.

8. Form View Settings: Allows you to customise the colour of your Progress Bar and Progress Bar Text.

You will also notice that there is a Contrast Checker when applying your colour scheme. This assists you in setting colours that contrast enough so as to allow text to be seen clearly against their background containers.

Accessing your Event Landing Page

Once you're happy with your event setup, you can open your Event Landing page using the VIEW EVENT button at the top of the page.