How to create an event via an event template?

In order for you to create an event via an event template you first need to set up the event template itself. Click here for how to create an event template.

1. Within the EVENTS section, once your event template has been created, click on EVENTS > click on CREATE NEW EVENT VIA TEMPLATE.

2. Select the EVENT TEMPLATE from the drop down list.

3. Input the NAME of the event you are wanting to create.

4. Input the START and END DATE  and time that the event will run.

You will notice that the start and end dates have information listed in grey on what dates you can input as the start and end date for the event- this is based on the start and end dates that was put into the event template.

5. You will be taken to the EVENT DETAIL page where you will then set up the event like a normal event set up.

6. Once all information has been completed, click SAVE.