How do I create a new Membership Form?

Membership Forms are a key asset and the central point to which you can add products, questions, messaging and branding to give your members a best-in-class registration journey.

When done well, setting up a Membership Form through your GameDay database can completely transform the way you operate, giving you an automated and user friendly solution for collecting memberships and fees, and developing a database with clean, relevant and valuable data.

Creating Membership Form

To create a new Membership Form:

1. In the left-hand menu, open the Membership Forms menu > click MEMBERSHIP FORMS

2. On the My Forms tab, click CREATE NEW FORM

3. Enter your Form Names, then click SAVE:

  • Internal Form Name is the name that will be displayed for the form within your GameDay database
  • Title of Form (as displayed) is the name of the form that will be displayed for members when they register


In the Settings tab, add the following information:

  • Add Member Types: Allows you to choose from your database's list of Member Types, allowing members to select one or more Member Types to register into. Click here for more information on creating Member Types.
    • You can also force members to only select one Member Type using the checkbox below this option
  • Available To: Choose which organisations within your hierarchy you want to share the form with:
    • All Levels Below means this form will be available for admins at every level under your hierarchy to edit and view.
    • One Level Below means that this form will only be available for organisations one level below your hierarchy to view and edit.
    • Specific Organisation: If you only want the form available to specific organisations, you can use this option to select the relevant organisations.

Click SAVE once you've applied your settings


On the Products tab, you can add in relevant Products to the form in order to collect specific fees as part of this Membership Form. This tab allows multiple options for adding products, including:

Add Existing Products to Form: Allows you to add any previously created products to the form.

Create New Product: Allows you to create a new product from scratch and add it to the form. More information on creating products can be found here.

Product Group: Allows you to categorise the display of your products on the form. More information on creating Product Groups can be found here.

You can also choose whether a product is mandatory using the Actions arrow to the right of the product and selecting Mark as Mandatory.

Once you've added your products to the form, click SAVE

Add-on Products

The Add-on Products tab allows you to add any Add-on Products in the same way you added products in the previous tab.

Add-on Products are typically used for additional offerings including merchandise or services. For more information on creating Add-on Products, click here.

Once you've added your Add-on Products, click SAVE.

Bundle Discounts

The Bundle Discounts tab will show you any bundle discounts that have been created and assigned to this Membership Form, including the type of discounts and dates within which the discount will be active.

You can learn more about creating Bundle Discounts here.

Questions & Layout

On the Questions and Layout tab, you can define which questions you want to ask on the form, and the order in which they will be displayed.

  • Add Existing Question: You can add an existing question from your database or a previous form by clicking the applicable option in the list.

  • Create New Question: Further down, you can add a new question from scratch by selecting the applicable field format and adding the question details. For more information on creating questions and question types, click here.

You also have the ability to add Header Text Blocks to categorise your questions on the form, or Paragraph Text Blocks, which can be used as a note to appear on your form. More information how to add these to your form and how they appear can be found here

Note: the questions that are greyed out on the form are mandatory questions that GameDay require everyone to fill out in order to register successfully and display correctly in your database, so some of these are locked and cannot be changed.

To change the order of the questions on your form, you can drag and drop the questions directly in the central panel.

Once you're happy with your questions, click SAVE

Messages & Notifications

On the Messages and Notifications tab, you can enter any custom messages you would like members to receive once they have successfully completed their registration.

  • Registration Success Email allows you to create and customise an email that is sent to members after they register. For more information on composing a Registration Success Email, click here.
  • Payment Receipt allows you to see the hard-coded payment receipt that is automatically sent to all members who make an online payment through your Membership Form. This is not customisable, however will automatically include your organisation logo, organisation name, products purchased, discounts redeemed and more.
  • Form Welcome/Confirmation Messages allow you to add custom messages at the beginning and end of the registration process on the form itself. Click here for more information on welcome and confirmation messages.

Test & Publish

On the Test & Publish tab, you can activate your form or set Activation and Expiry Dates for your form to be activated and deactivated automatically. When applying Activation and Expiry Dates, any members who try to access the form outside of those dates will not be able to proceed through the form.

Once a form has been made active, a Form Link will be created for the form, so you can share this with members, on your website or social media channels.

You can also test the front end version of the form using the View Form button.

Once you're ready to publish your form, click SAVE, and you will be ready to start taking registrations!

Display Settings

As a creator of the form, you can also apply Display Settings including a background image and colour scheme. Click here for more information on applying Display Settings to your form.