How do I create a new registration form?

1. Click on Products & Forms.

2. On the Forms tab, click Create New Form

3. Input the name and then click save.

  • Internal Form Name: this is the name that will be displayed for the form within the portal and the name that will appear when admins view the form listing page.
  • Title of Form (as diplayed): this is the name of the form that will be displayed for members when they register.
  • Most of the time these form names will be the same, but if you want to admins to see a different name for the form within the portal compared to the name that the users see, then feel free to change this. 

NOTE: While continuing to create this form you MUST SAVE after each tab has been completed, otherwise changes will not save (expect for step 3). You will be prompted to confirm if you want to continue if you have not presaved these changes.

4. Click Add Member Types, to add in the roles that members will get after registering.

These member types MUST match the member types you assign to products.

5. Select who you would like to make this form available to. This is not compulsory -if this is left blank, then the form will be made available to every organisation under your heirarchy.

  • One level below: this means that this form will only be available for admins one level below your heirarchy to view and edit. For example: If you are a national body creating this form, then it will only be available to your state bodies.
  • All levels below: this means this for will be availbale for admins at every level under your heirarchy to edit and view.
  • Specific organisation: if you only want the form available to specific organisations, you can use this option to select the relevant organisation/s.

6. Once all options in the Basic Settings tab have been set, click Save.

7. Click on the Products tab, to add in relevant products to the form. Click the buttons to add in an Existing Product or Create a New Product from scratch.

Admins also have the ability to add in a product group for these products. More information about product groups can be found here.

8. Once products have been added to the form, if the products need to be compulsory, click the drop down arrow and select Mark as Mandatory next to the relevant product. 

You also have the ability to add a product group and purchase minimum for products, click here on how to do this.

9. Once all products have been add for the form, click Save.

10. Admins can add in ''add-on'' products to the form as well. These types of products are for merchandise type products, where members can select a size, colour etc. These can be set up here.

11. On the Questions and Layout tab, add in any new or existing questions you would like on the form. If you want to add an existing question/s, search and click on the question from the top left hand side list.  If you would like to create a new question/s for the form, click the type of question you want to create from the bottom left hand list.

You also have the ability to add a header and paragrah block, which can basically be used as a note to appear on your form. More information how to add these to your form and how they appear can be found here

NOTE: the questions that are greyed/blued out on the form are mandatory questions that GameDay require everyone to fill out in order to register successfully and display correctly in portal so these are locked and cannot be changed.

NOTE: when you add the questions to the form, this page automatically saves, so once all questions have been added to the form, you can continue onto the next step.

12. On the Messaging and Notifications tab, input the message you would like members to receive once they have succesfully completed their registration. Once input, click Save.

You will see a checkbox within this section, where you can choose whether or not you want to send the registration success email to members or not. Tick the box if you wish to send this email to members upon successful registration. Unticking this box means that members will not receive a successful reigstration email after completing registration.

If you wish to add a form welcome or confirmation message, please click here on how to do this.

NOTE: in relation to the invoice email, this has been harcoded by GameDay, so the layout and formatting cannot be changed. The organisation name, contact details etc will automatically reflect based on the organisation details you have listed.

12. On the Activate and Publish tab, once your form has been set up completely, you can then change the form status and activation start and end dates for the form. Once set, click save.

This date refers to when your members can start registering to when the form will close and they can no longer register.

Once a form has been made active a registration form link will be created for the form, so you can send this to members.

13. You have now completed the set up of a registration form that can now be sent out to members so they can register.

If you need to edit the form at any stage, feel free to go back and make those changes.