How do I send an email to members?

As an organisation managing a membership database, you can use their provided contact details to send email messages directly through the Members section of your GameDay database.

To send an email to your members through GameDay:

1. In the left-hand menu, click Members > MEMBERS

2. Select the member list tab that best applies to the group of members you want to email. For example, if you want to email all unfinancial members, select the Financial Filter tab.

NOTE: To allow flexibility in building your recipient list, you can only email members from the specific Member List views listed below:

  • By Product
  • Add-on Products
  • By Member Type
  • By Organisation
  • By Season
  • Financial Filter

The first tab (Member List) does not include the ability to email members.

3. If needed, you can refine your recipient list further by using the filter options at the top of the list

4. Click the CHECKBOX to the left of a member to add them to your recipient list, or use the SELECT ALL checkbox to add all the selected members to your recipient list

5. Click the EMAIL MEMBERS button at the top of the list

6. Confirm the recipients to whom you want to send the email, or add other recipients manually using the Add Another Recipient button. Click CONTINUE when you're ready to continue

Note: If you used the Select All checkbox on the member list, this button will instead allow you to Remove a Recipient

7. Select an Email Template to use as the basis of your message. You can edit information in the Message field to customise the content contained in the Email Template. Click CONTINUE when you're happy to proceed with sending the message.

For more information on creating Email Templates, click here.

Note: The I confirm there is no marketing material in this email field is selected and locked off by GameDay. This helps ensure that emails are received by members, instead of landing in their spam or junk folder.

8. Review your campaign to ensure everything is correct, then click CONFIRM AND SEND

9. You will then receive a message confirming that your email has been queued - click OK

10. You can check the status of your email campaign by going to Members > Communications > Communications. If your email has been sent successfully, its Status will be marked as Sent