How do I send an email to members?

1. Click the arrow against Memberships, click on Members.

2. Select the filter that best applies to the group of members you want to email. For example, if you want to email members who are inactive, you would select Financial Filter tab.

NOTE: you cannot email members from the MEMBER LIST tab however you can do so via any of the others listed tabs.

3. Filter the member list accordingly on what members you need to email.

4. Click the checkbox at the beginning of each line to select the member(s) you wish to email.

NOTE: To send an email to everyone listed on the page, check the box in the header row.

5.Click Email Members.

6. Confirm the recipients you want to send to or feel free to add another recipient/s. Click continue.

7. You can create the email you want to send here or choose an existing email template from the left hand side(if you have one created). Once composed, click continue.

NOTE: the ''I confirm there is no marketing material in this email'' is locked off my SportsTG. This just helps with making sure that emails are recevied into a members inboxs rather than their spam/junk folders.

NOTE: if the email is not in their spam/junk folder or inbox; if it is just for one or two members, it may be an issue with the members email provider, so get the member to check with them, alternatively if this is the case for all members, please contact us directly as it may be a system related issue.

8. Review the receipients and email itself. Once happy, click confirm and send.

9. You should get a message about your email request has been queued> click OK. This means that the email has been sent to those members.